A parent’s ¬†worst nightmare happened to the Gavin family. ¬†Imagine waiting for your child to get off the school bus only to have her never get off.

First day of school at Chesney Elementary School in Duluth, Ga, became a nightmare for 5-year-old, Lyric Gavin. While riding on the school bus home, Lyric was dropped off at the wrong bus stop, left to wander the streets for 2 hours.

This was the first time the little girl ever rode the bus. She said she tried to tell the bus driver not to leave her there, but he drove off anyway. Having your child left in some random place after school is a nightmare for any parent. Thank goodness nothing happened to her.

This bus driver knew not to leave this child. It is a common rule in Gwinnett County for bus drivers to take special care when dropping off first time bus riders. I’m waiting to hear what really happened that caused the bus driver to leave her behind. Did he think this was at her stop or did he have more important things to do than to ensure that this child was safe?

Parents have enough to concern themselves with than to even think that their child won’t arrive at their stop. What is a parent to do when they need to rely on the school bus system to take their child to and from school? Only to have that system make such a huge mistake that could have ended badly.

I look forward to hearing what Gwinnett County will do to prevent this from happening again.

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