I don’t understand. I am seriously trying to understand how any woman, born and raised in a good family, never abused or mistreated, can disregard her parents’ opinion of her man?

It makes absolutely no sense to me how any woman can date or marry a man that her parents disapprove of. The very people who have loved you from birth. The very people who have continuously looked out for you. The very people who want the best for you and love you above anyone else in this world. How can their opinion be ignored?

Whenever you are dating someone it is very important for your family to meet this man, to talk to this man and to get to know this man. You should never get yoked up with a man that no one in your family has met. This is a big “No No”. I’m not saying that your family should pick the guy that you date, but you should definitely take their opinion to heart and not disregard what they say.

I’m sick of women making the statement that they are grown and don’t need their family to approve who they date…This is false!  There is a reason why they don’t like your man. Regardless as to whether or not there is an obvious reason, you should leave him alone.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are some outrageous families out there, but when it comes to being in a serious relationship, especially marriage,  you should listen to your parents.

Besides, in the event that this man really is the jerk that your parents think he is, they’ll be the ones that help you start over once he is gone. Save yourself the heartache and listen to your parents. 

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