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Emancipating Greatness

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Throughout 2021, the church I attend has been focusing on the topic of Emancipating Greatness.

When this series first launched in January 2021 I thought, “Yes, Lord! I hear you!“

When God formed us in the womb he gifted us with gifts and talents to do a mighty work in this world.

There is Greatness on the inside of you!

What gifts and talents do you have that are locked up inside you waiting to be emancipated?

Today, not next week or next year, take some time to think about that amazing gift that you have that needs to be used in your community, at home or on social media. And start using those gifts! Wipe off the dust and let those gifts work and make room and opportunities for you.

Someone is praying for the very thing you have to offer.

Emancipate that Greatness!

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