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Roe v. Wade Unconstitutional…Now What?

With the outcome of Roe v. Wade being overturned, now is the time to ensure we have the tools and knowledge about birth control, adoption and safe havens.

No longer will abortion be the back up plan. For decades, abortion some how became the solution instead of the last resort. So as a society we must focus on prevention, focus on abstinence and even moreso focus on reminding everyone, that every time a Man and a Woman have sex there is the potential for life to be created.

As we enter into this new era, educating women and men about the other options that can help prevent an unwanted pregnancy, will be of the utmost importance. Additionally, equipping everyone with the other options, such as adoption and safe haven drop-offs, is vital to saving a life.

Listed below are links to various resources related to birth control, adoption and safe havens where people who have an unwanted pregnancy can safely leave their child.

Birth control for women

Birth control for men


Safe Havens

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