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Recently, I had surgery on my left foot. This surgery had been overdue for a couple years, but I kept putting it off thinking it was no big deal. It didn't become a big deal until I found myself battling pain in the middle of the night or not being able to do a proper tree pose during yoga. There are times in our lives where we ignore things that are clearly an issue, however we either don't have time to address it or the issue is not bothersome enough to take time to address.

Now because of my delay in fixing this long overdue issue, I will be missing out on some key events taking place with my family. No ones fault but my own. It is crucial that those small issues are addressed before they become big issues.

Don't sweep it under the rug. Go ahead and reconstruct, upgrade, resolve all those little things that need fixing. Whether it be a relationship, work or your health, address it! It might put you in a painful position, however some of these painful positions are destined to come whether you put it off now or later.

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